Chatting With Piano Girl Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton, Piano Girl

Singer-songwriter and piano prodigy Vanessa Carlton has been touring like mad in support of her latest effort “Heroes and Villains,” but the grind doesn’t show in her voice, or her quips. Both are sharp, whether she’s talking about abusive piano teachers or her hero, Stevie Nicks.

Carlton is a thousand miles away from “A Thousand Miles,” her 2002 hit single composed before she broke up with Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins, joined Irv Gotti at The Inc. (also home to Ja Rule and Ashanti) and found heaven on earth in Nolita, her New York hood that informed much of “Heroes and Villains.” She’s matured nicely in a turbulent time for the music business.

So what’s next? How does hanging with Stevie Nicks and becoming cinema’s next Philip Glass grab you? It grabs her just fine, thanks…


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