Topaz & Mudphonic’s Boogie Ain’t Bad

A batch of my reviews have gone live on Metromix, including this swampy funk from Texas, a state I usually hate. OK, I still hate it. It’s the worst state on Earth. See my piece on T. Boone Pickens for more on that score. But when it comes to score, Texas can rock with the best of us. With that, meet Topaz & Mudphonic.

Topaz & Mudphonic, Songs For Dororthy
It’s hard not to have a good time listening to the boogie of “Music for Dorothy.” “Lonely” is an unfurling party monster that rides a signature riff for four sweaty minutes. “Slippin’ Back” leans heavy like the Stones, but takes time for wistful exposition. “Take Yer Clothes Off” pounds hammered guitar and horny sax into a bracing cocktail. Slide guitar ambles optimistically on “Sunshine,” but burns hot on the suicidal “Fly w/Me.” Throw in some crickets on the acoustic closer “Brothers” and you can save yourself ticket fare to the Texas countryside. MORE @ METROMIX

WATCH: “Slipping Back”

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