The Winners and Losers in U.S. Energy Efficiency Rankings

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s state energy efficiency scorecard is out, and the winners remains winners while the losers are losing less. In other news, when you’re at the bottom of a planetary environmental crisis, there’s nowhere to go but up.

As expected, America’s top 10 energy-efficient states were Massachusetts, California, New York, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Maryland and Illinois. They are mostly coastal or pastoral progressives with a finger on the pulse of climate change. Perhaps more surprising is that the predictably worst states in our nation — Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi and both Dakotas — are extraction industry dinosaurs reportedly trying to clean up their wasteful ways. That goes extra for my birth state of Mississippi, which has the weird distinction of being both the least energy-efficient state in our warming nation but also its most improved, according to ACEEE’s 2013 scorecard.