The Kills Fall Through The Kracks

I interviewed The Kills’ Allison Mosshart, who is now fronting Jack White’s new band The Dead Weather, about her various groups, The Mighty Boosh, why The Killers aren’t cool and more.  But I totally forgot about it until now. So here it is, in all its gothic, out-of-date splendor. Blame the news cycle’s flat tires.

The Kills are Coming!
[Scott Thill, Metromix]

In the recently released video for the Kills’ creepy anthem “Black Balloon,” vocalist Alison “VV” Mosshart stares blankly into a mirror before morphing into a fanged vampire dripping blood onto a microphone. Filmed by their friend Kenneth Cappello after exhausting shows on the Kills’ last American tour with the Raconteurs, Mosshart and her guitarist/vocalist bandmate Jamie “Hotel” Hince haunt the Super-8 reel like gothic specters, aimless spirits looking for a place of peace. Was the tour that heavy?

“No way!” an amiable Mosshart exclaims by phone, ahead of the Kills’ new American jaunt starting April 19 at Coachella. “That was the most fun tour ever! We just always look that tired after getting off the stage.”

The song itself spearheads the Kills’ new “Black Balloon” EP, conspiring with the video and the U.S. tour to keep the goth-tronic band on the tip of everyone’s tongue well through spring. After that, the buzz belongs to the Dead Weather, the raucous supergroup featuring Mosshart, Raconteurs pals Jack White and Jack Lawrence, and Queens of the Stone Age’s Dean Fertita, whose rollicking debut “Horehound,” the first full-length release on White’s own Nashville-based Third Man Records, drops in July. The blood from that symbiosis ought to keep Mosshart nicely juiced through the end of the year.

Some things Mosshart is also juiced about include Coachella, Captain Beefheart and the U.K. spoof “The Mighty Boosh,” which premiered in America last month on Adult Swim. Things she’s not excited about? The Killers. Let’s let her explain that one, shall we?


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