Solar 4 America Brings Domestic Focus to Home Solar

Atlanta-based Suniva bills itself as the leading American manufacturer of home solar modules, with an emphasis on American. Its new partnership with mainstream roofer PetersenDean, called Solar 4 America, also wants you to remember that.

“We made a decision at PetersenDean to only source our products from North America,” PetersenDean founder explained in the team-up’s announcement. “It is about creating our own energy policy. It is about American jobs, American panels, reinvesting in America.”

Such nationalism would seem to have little place in global warming, which is a worldwide environmental emergency. To say nothing of the globalized American economy, which is heavily based on foreign investment, consumption and production.

On the other hand, the argument for local resourcing and labor is quite strong one. Burning carbon to deliver solar panels seems counterintuitive, to be polite. OK, it actually sounds quite lame.