MorphToons: January 2016

I had a great time covering animation for Cartoon Brew. I finished my run as associate editor with a thinker on Herzog, an interview with stop-mo innovators The Quay Brothers, and more.

“We Left the Door Ajar, Christopher Nolan Slipped In:” An Interview With The Brothers Quay

Fans of stop-motion surrealism who haven’t been able to witness twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay’s fascinating short films currently on tour in 35mm, curated by Inception director Christopher Nolan, can now enjoy the films from the comfort of their own homes.

I spoke via email with the prolific American-born, London-based twin auteurs about Christopher Nolan’s cinematic analysis of their uncanny work, their exhaustive Blu-ray collection, and the still-underrated state of stop-motion animation.


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