Indigo Girls Get Bitter, Beautiful

Catching up with my Metromix reviews. This one was a mellow pleasure.

Indigo Girls, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug
[Scott Thill, Metromix]
Born of the same Athens, Ga., college scene that birthed R.E.M., the B-52’s and more fine lifers, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray’s folk-pop duo Indigo Girls has served up decorated tunes for nearly 25 years. They have shone brightly, from early major-label crossovers like their self-titled 1989 release and the chart-busting “Swamp Ophelia” and “Shaming of the Sun” to this newly independent effort, which is divided into two discs featuring acoustic and electrified versions of 10 memorable tunes. Released on the band’s label IG Recordings and distributed by Vanguard Records, “Poseidon and the Bitter Bug” is a welcome comeback for a deserving duo unfairly caught up in label drama for the last few years. MORE @ METROMIX

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