I Apologize, Juana Molina

To be fair, I plugged Juana Molina’s brilliant sonic head-trip Un Dia more than once on Wired.

But it is so incredibly addictive, months after it landed in 2008, that I just feel like I owe her more. Juana, look! I reviewed Un Dia for Filter Magazine. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Especially now that they posted the review online. Are we cool, Juana Molina?

Please say yes.

Your opening title track is a churning merge of tribal rhythms, punctuating horns and high-octave chants. Her raised register permeates the offering: The psychedelic tableau of “Vive Solo” unfurls from acoustic mellow into a multi-tracked ululation without missing a beat.The narcotic ambience of “Los Hongos de Marosa” is broken up nicely by an addictive wail, while the jumpy closer “Dar (Qué Difícil)” rounds out the proceedings with a funky flourish.

If Molina continues to impress like this, she’s going to demand her own terminology.

This article appeared at FILTER

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