Here Are America’s Best Solar Cities

America’s cities are taking solar power more seriously, according to Environment America. Everyone wins, except some utilities who won’t play ball.

With three out of America’s top five cities in total installed solar capacity, California is running away with the national title, according to EA’s Shining Cities report. Clear leader Los Angeles (170 MW) and second-place San Diego (149 MW) nicely represent Southern California, while San Jose (105 MW) lights up Northern California’s reputation.

But when filtered by per capita solar capacity, as of 2014, other solar cities begin working their way up the ranks of municipalities looking to be taken (more) seriously. Indianapolis is a particularly electrifying “Solar Star,” said EA’s report. (We have previously covered Indianapolis’s solar boom.) By claiming fourth place with 107 MW of total installed capacity, the city also stakes its claim as America’s second best in per capita solar, with 127 watts per person.