Great Northern Seeks The Lynchian Light

Los Angeles thrives on space rock, but local heroes Great Northern filter it through David Lynch’s Twin Peaks gothic pop for good measure. I reviewed the band’s latest effort for Metromix. No dancing dwarves were harmed.

Great Northern, Show Me Where the Light Is
[Scott Thill, Metromix]
Stolte and Bixler make quite the atmospheric duo. Whether it’s the sultry stomp of the opener “Story” or the acoustic reverb of the closer “33,” the two vocalists intertwine like morning glories across all of “Remind Me Where the Light Is.” Their synthetic operatics reach a crescendo on expansive sweepers such as “Mountain” and “Snakes,” recalling Kate Bush without the quirk, while their more crunchy tracks like “Houses” offer a thankful deviation. Spacemen 3 come to mind on the slowcore “Stop” and orchestral “Driveway,” but in the end Great Northern have succeeded at fashioning a sonic style of their own. No wonder they’re on so many commercials.


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