Franz Ferdinand Parties Tonight. And Every Other Night Too, To Be Honest

Back to the grind, folks. And the grind always needs an endgame, usually one occurring on the weekend with its own dance soundtrack. Speaking of, Franz Ferdinand is all about the clubs on its latest effort Tonight, which is basically a concept album about getting wasted. I reviewed it for Gannett’s Metromix. Drink up!

Franz Ferdinand

[Scott Thill, Metromix]
From its Weegee-inspired cover to its desire to get high in opening single “Ulysses” and all the way to the acoustic comedown of its satiric closer “Katherine Kiss Me,” “Tonight” is like “24” for party animals. Straight-ahead rockers such as “Turn It On” and “Bite Hard” mix well with alcohol, club anthems like “No You Girls” and “What She Came For” get their freak on, and dreamy interludes “Send Him Away” and “Dream Again” specialize in dub narcotics. Even the eight-minute epic “Lucid Dreams” steamrolls forward as ecstasy gone bad. Drink plenty of water if you’re going out with “Tonight,” and securing a designated driver wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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