Firestorms and Deep Freeze: Climate Change May Bring Both

Deniers love to point to butt-cold storms in the UK, America and elsewhere as evidence that global warming is a fraud. But they are so high, they deserve their own ionosphere. In fact, climate crisis will bring as much deep freeze as deadly wildfires. I explained it all for AlterNet yesterday, with the help of the United Nations and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Firestorms and Deep Freeze: Climate Change May Bring Both
Last week, the heaviest snowfall since the ’90s blanketed the U.K., disrupting bus, rail and air transportation and costing areas like London a cool billion in lost revenue.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a punishing, record drought was worsened by the nation’s worst heat wave and worst wildfires, wherein over 400 conflagrations killed over 200 people (and counting), torched a thousand homes and renewed calls for a country with its environmental head up its ass to finally launch its still-hibernating national warning system.

Those who would argue that these are isolated events do so at their own peril. The more time passes, the more both examples of extreme weather resemble two sides of the same fearsome coin known as catastrophic climate change.

And depending on how the science plays out, it could get much worse indeed, and fast.

Deniers of catastrophic climate change have been clinging to extreme rainstorms and snowstorms, such as those recently witnessed in the U.K. or American East Coast, like life rafts off the Titanic.

They still argue that such record-breaking deep freezes disprove global warming. But they’re desperately seeking semantics, while the rest of the world is waking up to reality. Which is this: Catastrophic climate change will feature as much ice as fire. It probably already has. MORE @ ALTERNET

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