The Clone Wars: Most Action-Packed Series on Television

On Wired, we usually have to end things with a question mark. So picture the title of this blog entry in question form, and you have what follows below in a nutshell.

But on my own blog, I’m unafraid to be declaratory. As a professional rule, I try to write about what I like. And I liked the hell out of the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Eye-killing graphics, fast-paced action, stunning sequencing, and even some brilliant robot humor.

It’s not just the finest animated series for kids on television. It’s the most action-packed series on all television, full stop.

Is Clone Wars the Most Action-Packed Series on Television?
Cartoon Network has picked up Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a second season, ensuring a fresh batch of one of television’s most action-packed shows.

“We’re trying to push the envelope even further in the second season,” promised George Lucas in a press release. “In the features, I focused on telling the story of the Skywalker family. With The Clone Wars, I’m exploring far beyond that and we barely scratched the surface in the first season. It’s exciting to be able to take people to all these new places in the Star Wars galaxy.”

Being a Cartoon Network show, one needs a cable or antenna setup in order to access the channel. The show often runs early morning slots (7am-9am) or evening (7pm-9pm) slots. This can schedule could be difficult to work around since it could cut into mealtimes or early bedtimes for kids. A cable or TV recording box could help solve this problem. You could Go direct to Humax Direct for one or check with your local electronics store.

However you’re watching it, make sure you don’t have anything around you that could be knocked over when you jump out of your seat in excitement!


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