All Hail the Return of Autolux!

Autolux Visualizes Arty ‘Science of Imaginary Solutions’

A GEOMETRIC MULTIVERSE of celestial monsters and drones with ice-cream-cone erections populate the imagery of art-rock band Autolux’s latest video.

In “The Science of Imaginary Solutions” animation director Thomas McMahan and artist Kill Pixie — known to his folks as Mark Whalen — get up to some weird business. The result looks nifty, but it’s kind of hard to actually figure out what it is.


Rock’s Toughest Trio Autolux Gets Lost in Transit

Time to wrap up the weekend love for All Tomorrow’s Parties New York, curated by My Bloody Valentine. If you didn’t make it, no worries: Neither did Autolux, the spearhead for a new generation of genius influenced by Kevin Shields.

Autolux guitarist Greg Edwards, a Shields disciple, is now a father, and passed up the chance to open for My Bloody Valentine to witness the birth of another beautiful noisemaker.

“There is no one like them,” Autolux drummer Carla Azar told me by phone, before her band pulled the plug on playing at ATP. “No one should be compared to them, especially us. Greg is definitely influenced by their music, but it would be hard to say that we touch themat all. They do it better than anyone.”

Azar should know. Autolux is the sharpest power trio in rock. From Edwards’ swirling riffage to Azar’s angelic stomp and all the way to bassist Eugene Goreshter’s cooled vocals, the band’s 2004 debut Future Perfect was the best album of the year. Expectations are sky-high for the follow-up Transit Transit, due later this year.

I caught up with Azar to talk about the return of Autolux (and My Bloody Valentine), as well as what it’s like to drum with a reconstructed elbow held together by titanium screws.


Hurry Up, Autolux! Good Noise is Hard to Find

THIS STUNNING LOS Angeles trio’s Future Perfect dropped in 2004, but I still haven’t been able to get “Angry Candy” out of my head. You should put it in yours, and harass Autolux into confessing the release date for its 2008 follow-up Transit Transit. The year is getting shorter, and good noise is hard to find.