Airbender Posters Whip Up Anticipation

Two eye-popping new posters for M. Night Shyamalan’s Avatar: The Last Airbender whip up the elements, and anticipation, for the film’s July 2 release.

High expectations for the film exist in a space apart from the trepidation found in some corners of the Airbender nation, where fans of the brilliant animated TV show upon which Shyamalan’s movie is based are crossing their fingers and hoping the director does the series cinematic justice. Judging by the tense velocity and energy of the two new posters, there’s reason to be optimistic. With these new movie posters coming out, film fanatics everywhere will be very pleased to get their hands on them. If they have a hankering for more, they can always go online to Blue Horizon Prints and find some more for themselves to display.

Complicating the pop-cultural conundrum are those strange individuals who like to watch blockbuster movies before delving into the films’ source materials. (We would mightily suggest getting your hands, and eyes, on the sprawling Nickelodeon series, titled Avatar: The Last Airbender before James Cameron pwned the term for the 21st century.)

Such entertaining research will make it much easier to judge if Shyamalan fumbled the hand-off. It might also ruin the movie, if the director – whose branded name appears at the top of both posters – does indeed flub it. But that’s the price of rebooting existing awesome productions that come with built-in fan bases, isn’t it?

Aside from the nerd-off, The Last Airbender trailers, posters and interactive websites so far have been promising.

This article appeared at Wired

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