WTO Partying Like It’s 1999

November 30, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] GENEVA — Apparently, one meltdown isn’t enough for the World Trade Organization. They meet today in Geneva on the tenth anniversary of the “Battle in Seattle,” the […]

Copenhagen: Seattle Grows Up

November 18, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Naomi Klein, The Nation] The other day I received a pre-publication copy of The Battle of the Story of the Battle of Seattle, by David Solnit and Rebecca Solnit. It’s […]

Afghanistan By Hypnosis

November 5, 2009 Morphizm 0

[Greg Palast, Morphizm] On September 11, 2001, my office building, the World Trade Center, was attacked by al Qaeda, a murder cult of Saudi Arabians, funded by Saudi Arabians. And […]

Devo Returns, This Time With Rugs!

November 4, 2009 Morphizm 0

“De-evolution seems even more a part of our daily reality than ever. There is more misinformation, humans have overrun the planet, and it is not nuclear bombs we must fear, but the human mind. Or lack of it.”