10 Culture Turkeys That Put 2009 to Sleep

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! You’ve got a lot to be thankful for. This is not that.

10 Pop-Culture Turkeys That Seriously Put 2009 to Sleep
This year brought many thankful additions to our already overloaded entertainment screens and nervous systems. But 2009 also dropped pop-culture bombs that, whether benign or overt offenders, were doomed to failure by a lack of ambition and/or skill. (In fact, one entry was such a turkey that we had to list it twice.) Behold Wired.com’s list of the biggest pop-culture turkeys of 2009. Read it and sleep.

The Prisoner 2009

Where to start? First, with fairness: The influential gravitational pull of Patrick McGoohan’s original spy-fi series is so resoundingly strong that any 21st-century iteration, even one starring Sir Ian McKellen, was going to have a problem making escape velocity. But surely Prisoner fans, and speculative television addicts, deserved better than this miniseries, which struggled to stand out from the usual suspects like Lost. From the understated delivery of Jim Caviezel as Number Six to the confusing lack of sci-fi to a diluted ambition that offered up iconography and criticism we’ve all seen and heard before, AMC’s The Prisoner reboot needed more time in the shop. Be (not) seeing you. MORE @ WIRED

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